Another BAPI Original

The Symbol of BAPI Innovation

BAPI has earned a reputation as an industry leader by creating innovative and original solutions for common HVAC applications. The products on this page all carry the “Another Original BAPI” stamp, meaning that they were designed, engineered and patented by BAPI.

Unique Room Sensors

The BAPI-Stat Quantum Prime — A powerful sensor designed for operating rooms, clean rooms and elder care facilities. It features temperature and humidity setpoint adjustment, a wipedown membrane keypad and a large display viewable from 25 feet away.



• Decora Style Room Units — Fits in a Decora Style cover plate so it blends in with the décor of any room. Who says a sensor has to look like a sensor?



• The Low Profile “Button” Sensor — The ideal sensor when aesthetics are as important as temperature measurement. The sensor is smaller than a quarter and paintable so it’s nearly invisible.




The VOC Sensor for Indoor Air Quality

Humans respirate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as CO2. The BAPI sensor measures these VOCs as they build up in a room just like a CO2 sensor does. The advantage of the VOC sensor is that it measures air contaminants from other sources besides respiration, such as building materials, cleaners, perfumes and furniture and carpet off-gassing. Using this sensor for Demand Controlled Ventilation then is a way of achieving true indoor air quality, rather than just CO2 dilution.


The BAPI-Box Enclosures

The BAPI-Box and BAPI-Box 2 Enclosures offer unprecedented ease of installation to save time and money on every HVAC job. The patented designs eliminate the hassle of locknuts or plugs, and remain watertight even after multiple openings of the hinged cover. The BAPI-Box is available for multiple applications and for our air quality applications, can be ordered in a ventilated version. The BAPI-Box 2 is specifically designed for outdoor application.

Field Selectable Pressure Sensors

• EZ Pressure — The simplest pressure sensor on the market. Panel mount size with DIN rail, snaptrack or surface mounting. The 3 outputs and 10 pressure ranges are all field selectable by simply turning the rotary dial and pressing the button.

• ZPT – Zone Pressure Touch — The only HVAC pressure sensor on the market that lets you set custom ranges in the field. Outputs and ranges are selected via the touch interface on the front of the unit.

Accessories for HVAC/R

• BAPI-Guard Thermostat Protector — The BAPI-Guard prevents tampering, physical damage and unauthorized adjustment of thermostats. The attractive, low-profile design is available in two sizes to fit most thermostats. It is made of thick, durable polycarbonate and features exceptional airflow, key lock protection, horizontal or vertical mounting and easy installation with hardware included.


VC350A-EZ Voltage Converter — A cost effective way of converting 24 VAC to 5, 15 or 24 VDC for use on peripheral devices that require DC voltage. Has 350mA output and the EZ mounting system that installs on snaptrack, din rail or a flat surface. All converters are very compact and designed to fit into standard 2.75″ snaptrack.




• Water Leak Detector — The Water Leak Detector is designed to sense the presence of water and alert a central monitoring system of the potentially destructive situation. Available with a rope sensor that detects water along its entire length.