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All-in-One Test Instrument

  • NIST-Traceable Accuracy
  • Onboard Data Logging
  • Wireless Communication

Blü-Test is a NIST-traceable test instrument suite for temperature, humidity and pressure. Each probe takes readings and stores the data in its onboard memory. The data can then be downloaded to your smart device via the Blü-Test app. No cords or meters needed.

The updated app lets you organize the data by preloaded sites and locations – So no more hand recording! You can then also view the data as a graph or trend on the app, or email the logs to your computer for insertion into your software or report.

Blu-Test probes suite
technician monitoring temperature readings in the Blü-Test App

NIST-Traceable Accuracy

Blu-Test is 2 to 10 times more accurate than standard test instruments and twice as accurate as the standard sensors it is testing.

Every Blü-Test sensor includes a NIST-traceable certificate of accuracy. This certificate is stored in the cloud and can be accessed through the app. It is also included when you share data from the app to verify the probe’s accuracy.

Forget About Cables, Meters and Separate Data Loggers

The rechargeable battery and onboard memory allows each probe to capture data for days without recharging or downloading. And because the data is stored on the probe, you and your smart device do not need to hang around. Just double click the button on
the probe to activate logging mode, place it at the location and walk away. When you come back, the log file will be there for you to download. Trending those hard-to-reach areas has never been safer or easier.

Technician on a ladder manually taking readings with equipement


Blü-Test App

Smart phone showing Blü-Test app home screen Smart phone showing Blü-Test app dashboard screen Smart phone showing Blü-Test app graph screen Smart phone showing Blü-Test app logs screen

Home Screen




The home screen provides easy navigation to everything in the app so it’s simple to find what you need. Just turn on a probe to see lived data on the dashboard. No Pairing process required. The Dashboard shows data from all probes in range. Add up to 6 probes on the graph to view the trends. Save live data from all of the probes with the push of a button. Select the logs to download from your probes and save them to your device. Then view or share them from the app.

Share Data

You can email data logs straight from the app. Share data with others or send it to yourself to do deeper analysis on your computer.

technician analyzing logs from Blü-Test app on the computer
technician using Blü-Test app to check for the output of a sensor

Sensor Tools at Your Fingertips

The Blü-Test app includes a suite of tools to help you with common HVAC sensor calculations. Calculate the accuracy of an RTD or find the correct output for a temperature sensor based on temperature values.

Download the app!

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