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BAPI Sensor Certification

Overview of BAPI sensor certification forms which match the NIST requirements.

BAPI Enclosures Overview

Overview of BAPI’s non-room enclosure styles and their NEMA, IEC and UL94 ratings

Ground Loop Problems

Understanding and avoiding Ground Loops – which are a common problem in the HVAC industry.

Zone Pressure Sensing

AC vs DC Power on Sensors

Current Loops

1KΩ Platinum RTD Temperature Transmitters

Setpoint Output Ranges and Setpoint Display Ranges for BAPI Room Sensors

Charts showing available Setpoint Output Ranges, Setpoint Display Ranges and Mode Control Ranges for all of BAPI’s Room Sensors.

Air Quality Sensor Related

Air Quality Sensor Coverage Area

Installation Best Practices for BAPI Sensors

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Element Related

BAPI Company Related

CE Certification Related

Full-Wave and Half-Wave Power Supplies