CO2 Sensor Calibration Kit

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CO2 Calibration Kit

BAPI’s CO2 Sensor Calibration Kit verifies the proper operation and calibrates all of BAPI’s room and duct CO2 sensors. Two calibration gas concentrations are required to perform a complete calibration*. Purchase the single point gas at a CO2 concentration of 400 to 800 PPM, and the span gas at 1,000 to 1,200 PPM. Only one regulator is required because it can be swapped between gas cylinders.

BAPI’s CO2 Sensor Calibration Kit consists of the following:
• A software CD containing the test software and cable drivers
• A communications cable that connects a computer to the BAPI CO2 sensor
• A funnel used as a gas shroud
• A length of tubing to connect the funnel to the test gases
• Rubber bands to secure the funnel to the BAPI CO2 sensor
• Shunt jumpers to place the BAPI CO2 sensor into test mode
*Note: A single point gas may not be required. If the ambient CO2 concentration is known, stays stable at ±10 PPM for at least 10 minutes and is in the range of 350 to 800 PPM, you may perform the single point accuracy check and calibration without any test gas.

  • Calibrates and Verifies Proper Operation of All BAPI CO2 Room and Duct Sensors

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