Differential Pressure Switch

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Differential Pressure Switch

The BAPI Differential Pressure Switch is ideal for air filter monitoring, static pressure proving, airflow proving or auxiliary fan actuation. Because of its UL 353 Limit Control Listing, the BAPI Switch can be used in safety circuits to protect heating appliances, heating systems, processing systems and HVAC/R systems.

The setpoint is field adjustable from 30 to 130 Pascals and the unit can measure positive pressure, vacuum or true differential pressure. The seven pressure ranges are field selectable by changing a color-coded spring. The spring for the range that you order is preinstalled, and the other six springs are shipped with the unit so that you can change ranges in the field if you choose.

The unit features a rugged plastic enclosure that protects the electrical terminations and pressure adjustment screw which is easily accessed through a port in the front cover using a square screwdriver bit (BA/SQ1BIT). The quick connect wiring terminations are accessed by opening the hinged cover. The unit is very compact and can be mounted directly on a flat surface with the rugged mounting feet, and the pressure barbs accept 4.8mm to 6.4mm tubing.

The unit also features an extremely high proof pressure of 24.9 KPa so that it will continue to function properly even if it is accidently connected to an unusually high or low pressure.

  • Field Adjustable Setpoint from 30 to 130 Pascals
  • UL 353 Listing So the Unit Can Be Used for Safety Controls
  • 5 Amp Silver Contacts
  • Built In Pressure Snubber for More Stable Readings

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