DS8 – Discrete Summary Module, 8 Input

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The number of discrete switch closure inputs required in an HVAC system often exceeds the number of hardware inputs available (or justifiable) on the controller. Summarizing multiple discrete points into a single system input is an easy and effective solution. The DS8 module accepts up to eight dry contacts and provides a single dry contact signal to the controller when the number of monitored points reaches a user-defined threshold.

The DS8 is great for grouping alarms which you will want to distinguish in the field, but don’t need to distinguish on the central computer. Examples include dirty filter alarms, condensate float switches, VFD faults, moisture monitors, door switches, etc. A technician can glance at the DS8 and quickly determine which filter to change; which drain to check or which VFD to inspect.

The DS8 plugs into the BP4 or BP8 backplane and accepts up to eight independent dry switch contacts on easy-to-use connectors at the front of the module. Each input has an LED to indicate when the contact is closed. An eight-position DIP switch allows the user to set the alarm threshold. The output is also user switchable to a NO or NC dry contact.

The DS8 can also be used to monitor multiple auxilliary contacts when multiple discrete points are controlled using a R49. Typical applications include lighting controls and small fan controls.

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