EA2 – Actuator Interface, Modulating

Part Number: BA/EA2

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The EA2 simplifies the wiring and troubleshooting of “Belimo®” style modulating actuators with voltage feedback, saving time and money every time you install or check an actuator. The connector plug on the front of the EA2 module makes terminations quick and easy for the controller and the actuator. The four actuator wires and the controller’s output signal terminate on the connector plug. The EA2 provides regulated and fused power for the actuator from the backplane.

The EA2 module is an excellent troubleshooting tool because the technician does not need to gain physical access to the actuator to determine if the actuator is in the correct position. The EA2 display shows the actuator position based on the actuator’s feedback signal. An easy push of a button on the EA2 and the display shows the position which the controller is requesting. Troubleshooting is a simple comparison of the two. If they don’t match, you have a problem; the actuator is either stuck, manually overridden, not terminated properly or dead.

The EA2 plugs into a BP4 or BP8 backplane. A green LED on the EA2 indicates when power is present.

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